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About the artist

Catherine Wang 

"Art, for me, is a profound means of communication with the world, a language that transcends words. In each stroke and color, I express thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Through the canvas, I find not only a form of self-expression but also a sanctuary that brings inner peace to my soul."                                                         

                                                                                                                                                             Catherine Wang


In the quiet corners of my childhood, amidst the echoes of my parents' bustling work, I found solace in the melody of the radio and the vibrant hues of my imagination. Loneliness took the form of colorful worlds on paper, a refuge created with the strokes of my pencils.

Kindergarten brought me to art classes, where ink painting unfolded like a traditional Asian dance in shades of black and white. My passion for drawing and calligraphy persisted even as the art teacher's departure led me on a solo artistic journey. In middle school, anime characters danced across my workbooks, and my passion for art, though pushed aside during my college and graduate school studies in economics, persisted.

Life took a turn, and my career veered into realms far from my artistic dreams. Yet, the universe had a plan. A spontaneous invitation to a local painting party, a rendezvous with acrylics, became the unexpected twist in my story. Unveiling a latent passion, this serendipitous encounter became the guiding star, steering me away from the professional maze I'd wandered for years.

As the brush touched the canvas in that painting party, it was not just a stroke; it was the birth of a new chapter. A YouTube tutorial, a canvas, and a heart eager to express – my first venture into acrylics lit a spark, a flame of art within me. Beyond being a mere interest, painting became the solace I needed, a language to convey emotions, and a sanctuary to escape the daily storms.

The birth of my baby girl marked a turbulent phase of my life—a rookie parent navigating career storms and family upheavals, plunging into the depths of depression. In these darkest moments, painting became more than a friend; it was a beacon casting light into my darkness, an oasis in life's desert. I fell madly in love with painting, dedicating every spare moment to its embrace. Amidst work and toddler care, the world of painting became my haven, a place where worries melted away, and stress found no foothold. Through art, I found peace.


Masterpieces from art history beckoned, especially the vivid strokes of Monet, capturing landscapes with impeccable light and shadow. In 2017, a local art show extended an invitation, igniting a flame of confidence. Before 2018, my canvas danced with acrylics, but fate intervened during a vacation. A chance meeting with artists painting in a restaurant opened a dialogue on art, leading me to the world of oils. Two years of self-taught acrylics couldn't prepare me for the intricate dance of colors and depth in oils. The journey, filled with struggles and frustrations, unfolded.

My focus shifted from technicalities to the upgrade of painting ideas. Pandemic limitations transformed backyard scenes into realms of imagination. Lake sunsets bore footprints in the snow, bikes under trees, distant houses—a canvas mirroring my childhood memories.


Fall of 2022 introduced plein air painting, a dance with nature, capturing fleeting scenes before they morphed with time. My style evolved, blending realism with impressions in "City Rainy Coziness" and "Autumn Night Glow".


Simultaneously, the quest for knowledge led me to online resources. With each stroke, my determination to pursue art as a career strengthened.

Art shows in North Carolina and neighboring states provided platforms to showcase my creations.

In 2023, portrait painting beckoned, mirroring the famous "Girl with a Pearl Earring." The surprising success fueled my strength and confidence to carve a unique artistic identity.

A friend's introduction unraveled the mysteries of abstract and modern art in 2023. Inspired by Wuji Zhao's fusion of Eastern culture into oil paintings, I cast aside rules, letting emotions guide my brush. Here, amid abstract realms, my mind found freedom, focusing not on details but on the emotions pulsating within.


As my recent works echo, this artistic journey is a symphony yet in its infancy. Art, for me, is not just a destination—it's a lifelong odyssey. The canvas awaits, and I am here, ready to immerse myself in the melody of colors and the dance of emotions.

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